Originally published in 2015, the re-release of The Claudia Diaries will see a massive overhaul in style and some content. More material will be added as it’s created, so check back here for updates, including a definite release date and where to purchase!

“Every time I hear the phrase ‘commitment to excellence,’ I feel like someone has injected arsenic into my veins and shoved a sharp stick up my ass.”

Meet Claudia Schatz - disaffected (and rightly so) Sting-obsessed, Sondheim-worshipping teenage girl growing up in the Baltimore suburbs in the early 1990s. From her first day at James J. McHenry Senior High School to her (merciful) last, Claudia’s diaries chronicle friendships good and bad, riot grrrl culture, asshole boyfriends, and the ghosts of an horrifically abusive past.